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Jemima Herman Consultant
Program Management,
Product Launch Support
and Event Production
for Tech Companies

Don’t run the risk of your company losing mindshare or new business opportunities, due to limited resources or budget.  


Bring on an industry project management expert to ensure you are getting the best guidance and hands-on assistance every step of the way. From developing your initial concept through strategic execution, collaboration, and support. 

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How do you define success?

Strategy • Execution • Results

Evaluate and Strategize Projects

Assess, analyze and implement strategic guidance for short and long-lead plans to ensure we can meet objectives

Manage and Execute a Project

Ensure execution efficiency, effectiveness and excellence that drives measurable impact

Achieve the Best Business Results

Transform your business, meet objectives and deliver strong outcomes

Jemima Herman Marketing Consultant

Meet Jemima Herman

Jemima is an award-winning project manager and consultant with over 25 years of experience in the technology space. The breadth and depth of her experience range from digital transformation and program development to event production and sales account management.  Her down-to-earth personality combined with her expertise and passion for connections bring a positive energy, generating successful results for your project or campaign.


Consulting Services

Product Launch Shoot

Product Launch

One stop service of expertly managed disclosures, communication with partners and third-party vendors, support of internal team communications and resources for successful launch. In-depth planning before bringing a new product to the market within the launch timeframe, while keeping brand management and post launch activities in mind, including:


  • budget management 

  • content development 

  • streamline communications

  • internal onboarding support 

Program Management with Post-It Notes

Program Management

End-to-end support to accomplish your program goals by evaluating, planning, managing, and executing projects. From defining your business goals, organizing workflow and program communications to aligning technical resources and ensuring high performance deliveries are met in a timely manner. Implementing security measures to meet changing conditions of time, quality and budget, this service meets your project scope thru: 


  • streamline and organize processes

  • support virtual team comms and resources

  • manage team sites for smooth collaboration

  • drive compete wins

Event Management | Image by Evangeline Shaw

Event Management

Providing world-class event management support to create a stand-out event and help grow your business. With expertise in producing virtual, hybrid, and in-person experiences, this service offers an inspiring environment for your audience. From initial concept and budgeting to sourcing venues and coordinating communications, you get an out-of-box event experience tailored to support:


  • budget management

  • production scheduling 

  • speaker prep 

  • social media guidance and support

Elevate Your Project

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Offload work and delegation of tactical tasks

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Quick ramp-up with an expert in technical and digital space

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Internal v-team management, support and engagement 

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External partner organizer or virtual partner account manager 

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Streamline and drive efficiency across business needs

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Gain new business leads with ROI 

Contact Jemima Consulting Inc

How to Work With Me?

Contact me via email

Tell me your project objectives and areas where you need support

Get a request for a proposal

Receive a strategic plan outlining how we will achieve your goals

Execute your project

Transition your work and let me successfully roll out your project 

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