Jemima Herman Consultant

About Jemima Herman

Jemima is an award-winning project manager and consultant with over 25 years of experience in the technology space. She started her career at Microsoft and has held numerous marketing, licensing, sales & product management roles in New York, New Jersey and Redmond, WA. The breadth and depth of her experience range from digital transformation and program development to event production and sales account management.  

Today, Jemima and her family are based in Sydney and support clients across the global technology space to identify stop gaps and resolve challenges, while strategically driving business objectives. She does this by taking a consultative hands-on approach to every client’s engagement and focusing on both strategic and tactical pieces in events, program management and product launch activities.

With her global network of subject matter experts and strong relationships with the diverse IT partner ecosystem, she helps you execute projects, set you apart from your competitors, gain market share, and win new business opportunities.

Jemima credits her Haitian American background with shaping her personality and guiding her goals and career. Having the opportunity to draw on two distinct cultures gives her the strength, resilience and ingenuity to create new narratives - enabling her to take an innovative approach to problem solving.

She enjoys working with people who share her passion for excellence, meeting commitments and value transparency.  


As a woman and minority business owner, Jemima is also a great match for diverse workplaces. Her down-to-earth personality combined with her expertise and passion for connections bring a positive energy, generating successful results for your project or campaign. 

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Managing end-to-end projects with a hands-on consultative approach by providing execution strategy and delivering results for excellent business outcome


" I have had the pleasure of working with Jemima for over 15 years and she is an incredibly talent professional who is committed to achieving excellence and delivering success. Jemima's consultative approach allows her to deeply understand the needs of her clients, design a strategy or solution to address those needs and ultimately, deliver flawless execution. She thinks 10 steps ahead and can quickly access the best path forward to overcome the hardest challenges. As a client that is a great quality to have in a business partner because she's purposeful and drives outcomes with intentionality. She is a creative and analytical thinker; she validates her strategies with data and insights and partners effectively to drive accountability and results. She brings a wide range of experiences and skills that allows her to navigate the industry easily and become a true business partner. Jemima is an absolute joy to partner with and brings her great energy, creativity, and smarts to everything she does!

Pallavi Sebastian

Senior Vice President, Global Enablement